Thursday, May 27, 2010

X: wasnt it going to be you and your wife
Y: ah, yes, she went out, she'll be back any minute now.
X:thats good to know. And when'd she leave
Y:umm... if im not mistaken its arounndd.. 14 years now. but you know how traffic is in the suburbs these days...
X:and you expect her to be back any minute now?
Y:any minute, dinners ready, we'll start just as she comes
X:i see, umm... i hate to say this but.... could it be... that infact your wife has left for good?
Y:well you see, that depends on what she does and if that falls into the socially acceptable definition of good.... if she had gone out , saying "X, im off for the crusades", i could safely say yes, she has indeed left for good. but sadly she didnt. and im in a bit of a grey area here.
X: umm i see. and what did your wife say when she left
Y:let me see, right after i smacked her with the cleaning broom she said , " you wont see me come through this door again"
X:and dont you find that a bit strange?
Y:i do, i do indeed find that very strange. One, that in all honesty that is a very nice door, its a bit harsh to hold that sort of bias against it. And more importantly , not coming in through this door, leaves her with all but one possibility. To come in though the window.. and for her to be doing this at her age, every day... quite strange , yes.

agay complete ker lay...

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